About Me

My name is Jasmine Thomas and I am a fifteen-year-old writer, podcaster, content creator, and business owner. I’m a May Taurus and I have a strong love for writing, food, and self-improvement.

When I was in fourth grade I was having a difficult time fitting in at my new school. See, I had been homeschooled my whole life up until that point, and making friends outside of the friends I already had was a challenge. I had to adjust to public school and it was hard. I felt out of place. All of the other kids grew up with one another and they did not take kindly to outsiders.

Although I was doing well in school, I was stressed. The schoolwork was not hard but I felt like I always had to know the answer. The teacher and students would look at me to see if I measured up to what the other students knew.  I felt like more was expected of me than the other students. This was in my classwork and my behavior.

I only stayed in public school for a year but I quickly realized what all the movies and television shows were showing me. Kids were mean. They moved in cliques. There was always drama between the students. They made fun of you for being different and they fought one another over just about anything.

Public school was not all bad. I made some friends and memories. I learned some pretty good lessons too. Here are a few…..

Lessons I learned

  1. Being alone is better than being with people you do not like or who do not like you.
  2. Someone not liking you is more about them than it is you.
  3. Never change yourself for anybody.

After my fourth grade experience, I decided to embark on my own personal growth journey, It helped me to feel more confident and happy with myself so I created an organization for other girls to do the same. My book Girls Living Boldly: Writing Prompts For Teenage Girls, helps other girls understand who they are and to believe in themselves. You can grab a signed copy in my shop here.

Girls Living Boldly

Girls Living Boldly is a female empowerment organization that promotes Personal Growth/Self Improvement to teenage girls aged 11-17. We focus on a few areas that seem to be beneficial to young kids my age. They are:

  • Community
    • Friendship and sisterhood
  • Confidence
    • Mindset and self-awareness
  • Empowerment
    • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Work Ethic
    • Planning execution and environment
  • Health
    • Mental, physical, emotional
  • Fun
    • Pursuing it and keeping at it

‘Becoming Bold With Jasmine Thomas’

Becoming Bold With Jasmine Thomas is a podcast brought to you by Girls Living Boldly. On the podcast I invite guest on to dive deeper into topics surrounding the girl community. I would love for you to be part of the community to share your story and start your own personal journey of self-improvement. To listen in, click here.

To hire Jasmine to speak at your next youth function, please use the contact page here.